Call of Duty: Warzone Tournaments

$4,000.00 Trios
Kill Race Tournament

February 26th - 28th (Friday - Sunday)
Choose 1 Day, and any 3 Hour Time Slot
within Start and End Dates
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How To Play

Call of Duty: Warzone Tournament / How to Play


Enter Into the Warzone Tournament by Purchasing Tickets! Each Team Member Must Have Their Own Individual Ticket.


Your Team

You Will Be Directed To A Team Creation Page After Purchasing Tickets.
Fill That Out!


Play During
Your Time Slot

Once Registered, Your Team Will Play Call of Duty Warzone During the 3 Hour Time Slot You Chose During Registration!

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Purchase Tickets
Enter Into the Tournament by Purchasing Tickets!
Each Team Member Must Have Their Own Individual Ticket

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Register Team
You Will Be Directed To A Team Creation
Page After Purchasing Tickets.
Fill That Out!

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Play During Time Slot
Once Registered,
Your Team Will Play During the
3 Hour Time Slot You Chose
During Registration!

Prize Pool: $4,000.00
Game Mode: Trios - Kill Race
Entry Fee: $25
Compete in our $4,000.00 Tournament For a Chance to win Cash! team's that enter have the chance of winning $ or a free entry into our future tournaments. grab your friends and choose your own 3 hour time slot to play in!

Prize Payouts:

- Per Division -

1st Place : $700.00
2nd Place : $300.00
3rd Place : Free Entry Into Future Tournament

Tournament Format:

Trios - Kill Race

Tournament Dates:

February 26th - 28th
(Choose 1 Day to Play)
Teams May repurchase tickets and play again.
playing again will replace your team's previous score.

Starting / Ending Times of Tournament: 

Any team has the option to choose any
3 hour time slot within the start and end dates.
Time Slot Must Be In Eastern Time;
You Will Choose your team's time slot during registration
12am eastern (26th) - 11:59pm Eastern (28th)

Division K/D Caps

Rookie - Team Has Under 3.0 K/D Combined
Amateur - Team Has 3.0 - 5.49 K/D Combined
Advanced - Team Has 5.5 - 8.99 K/D Combined
Pro - Team Has 9.0 + K/D Combined  (Uncapped)

Divisions: Rookie, Amateur, Advanced, Pro // 4 Total

No VPN's
No Cheating
No K/D Smurfing
No Account Sharing
No Hawaii / Russian Hosts; All other servers are permitted to play in our tournaments.
All Players Must Play on their main account with at least 200 games played.
account must be at least 3 months old & have active activity on account.
cross play setting must be set to "On" when playing in our tournament.
Any Serious k/d fluctuation during the tournament and / or if there is
any k/d tanking in your history within past 25 games, it will result in disqualification.

Tie Breaker
If two teams have the same amount of points after a tournament, the team with the most amount of kills from their best 3 games combined, will win by default.

ALL Teammates must be in the ground zero tournaments discord.
failure to do so before your time slot starts may result in disqualification.
if you or your team members do not have a discord account, please create one!
If you are hosting the lobby, you must be streaming!
Every player that is on pC MUST stream.
If your team is a full console lobby, only the host must stream.
all streamers must have their "VOD's" saved to their twitch / youTube Platforms.
The Title of your live stream must include ""
If any players streams / games fail, disconnect, or crash, none of the games played during the outage will count.
If your stream crashes, you must reshow task manager and geo locations as prompted in the rules below.
all 3 games submitted for Scoring must be streamed in its entirety.
No Time Extension will be given if WIFI, stream, or disconnection occurs.
admin will only review the correct stream links that are provided during team registration.
Task Manager
task manger must be open before you launch call of duty, and must remain running until the game is fully launched.
you must scroll top to bottom through the task manager while task manager is expanded, and showing on stream.
Geo Locations and vpn's
all streamers must show their geolocation at the start of your live stream.
absolutely NO VPN's are allowed, using VPNs and / or failure to show geo location, will result in a disqualification with no refund.
Purchasing Tickets
If you are prompted the "Goods and Services" box form when purchasing through payPal, you MUST leave this unchecked. Failure to do so will result in automatic disqualification.
if you are not prompted this box during checkout, this does not apply to you.

*Moderators have the right to dq team's based off potential smurfing, k/d sharing, account sharing, vPN usage, and tournament history from other tournament hosts.
Placement Scores
1st Place: 15 Points
2nd place: 10 Points
3rd place: 7 points
4th Place: 5 Points
5th Place: 3 Points
Points Per Kill
1 Point - Per Kill
Total Points:
Total Points will be Calculated automatically.
we calculate your 3 best games in
3 hours when your team leader
Submits scores