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February 26th - 28th
$4,000.00 Trios Tournament
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Ground zero is the #1 eSport warzone Tournament Hosting Organization. ground zero is trusted by
thousands around around the world. We deliver big prize pools, in exchange for low entry.
our Warzone Tournaments will allow you to earn income as you play video games.
Train. Compete. Win. Ground zero.

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Warzone Tournaments

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Enter Into the Warzone, Each Team Member Must Have Their Own Individual Ticket.


Your Team

You Will Be Directed To A Team Registration Page After Purchasing Tickets.
Fill That Out!


Play During
Your Time Slot

Once Registered, Your Team Will Play Warzone During the 3 Hour Time Slot You Chose During Registration!

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Purchase Tickets
Enter Into the Tournament by
Purchasing Tickets!
Each Team Member Must Have
Their Own Individual Ticket

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Register Team
You Will Be Directed To A Team Creation
Page After Purchasing Tickets.
Fill That Out!

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Play During Time Slot
Once Registered,
Your Team Will Play During the
3 Hour Time Slot You Chose
During Registration!

Modern Warfare: Warzone Tournaments

Play Modern Warfare Warzone Tournaments today to win huge cash prizes at Ground Zero Tournaments. Put your skills to the test against hundreds or even thousands of other Warzone players all in the same skill division as you. Ground Zero offers cash prize tournaments every weekend. Ground Zero Tournaments Provides Proof of Payout for every Call of Duty Warzone Tournament they hold. One of many things Ground Zero is known for is hosting large cash prizes for Warzone Tournament Players. Register Your Squad Today and Get Involved in the Modern Warfare Warzone Tournament Scene today!

Call of Duty: Warzone Tournament Prizes

Call of Duty Warzone is the latest addition to the Battle Royale Craze, based on the latest Call of Duty title "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare". With this release, they are keeping the cross platform intact allowing anyone from PlayStation or Xbox to compete against one another. Keeping the Call of Duty Warzone competitive community as one, instead of splitting them up. As a result of the big community Warzone has become, Ground Zero set's the most competitive online cash prize tournaments around. With Warzone's release, we will bring support to it just as we have done with other titles. With our Call of Duty Warzone Tournaments, we offer the largest payouts, best support and the best platform to compete on.

Call of Duty: Warzone Live Tournaments

With Warzone wagers and tournaments on Ground Zero Tournaments, you can expect large prizes, fast payouts and great support from our well-trained admins. Our dedicated admins make sure you get the best experience possible allowing for one of the best services around. This is where lots of players in our community have been able to start their own journeys down the path towards being pro or even just making a living from their own skills. With skill based tournaments, you can expect many different play levels to come out to compete in these Modern Warfare Warzone Tournaments. Our Warzone Tournaments are supported in many regions bringing the community together from across the world. If Warzone Tournaments are not your thing, be sure to stick around for many other games to come in the future!